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See your greatness

You need to know and understand your greatness. Get to know yourself and your task; to live your greatness is your task. It’s not about you not having the need to be great or you not wanting to think you’re special.It’s about the whole, the group, the community. Everyone’s task is to know and live their greatness. That’s generosity. That’s contribution. That is NOT to be superficial. That is to take responsibility. You must know who you are, who you really are.Be the greatness that you are so that balance can be created and things can be as they were ment to be. This is what the horses told me an early morning in the pasture. You need to know who you really are. To really know who you are. Love, Evalotta.

On passion

I love you with a sweet tenderness,with a strong passion,in a calm and strong way,jealously,trustfully. I want you to want me,to look for me,long for me,search for me. I’m so close,just a breath away. All your longing is for me,it’s me that you want. You’re meeting me in every person that sees your soulyou become attached to themyou get disappointed if you think they are the one you long forbecause they are not me. You long for this love because it’s calling you from inside.I love you so. Passionately,Your eternal self, dwelling in the unconditional love,attracting you home.

On longing

Yesterday a deep, intense longing came over me.I know this longing, it has been with me for decades.I easily project my longing on a specific person, believing that it is this person I long for and yearn to be close to.I also know that this is a pitfall.The other person is not the answer to my longing.The closeness of the other person soothes me, but the longing comes from the void. It is a calling from beyond the void; a calling to come home, a longing to belong, to connect to the inner source of love that’s always there. Waiting for me, trying to reach my attention, makes me long for deep love.The source long for me and makes me long for the source. Sometimes this love flows between human hearts and this can create confusion. It can make us search for it in each other, where we last found it, just to notice that it isn’t there to be found. Yesterday I lay down and met my longing, followed it to it’s source and …