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On longing

Yesterday a deep, intense longing came over me.
I know this longing, it has been with me for decades.
I easily project my longing on a specific person, believing that it is this person I long for and yearn to be close to.
I also know that this is a pitfall.
The other person is not the answer to my longing.
The closeness of the other person soothes me, but the longing comes from the void. It is a calling from beyond the void; a calling to come home, a longing to belong, to connect to the inner source of love that’s always there. Waiting for me, trying to reach my attention, makes me long for deep love.
The source long for me and makes me long for the source.

Sometimes this love flows between human hearts and this can create confusion. It can make us search for it in each other, where we last found it, just to notice that it isn’t there to be found.

Yesterday I lay down and met my longing, followed it to it’s source and came to peace. I love you, inner light. I love you, higher self. I love you, my beloved. I am in love and never separated.



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