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To really see

To see, to really see, means to clear the mind from everything that might blur the view.
To really see menas that I see you, without mixing you up with my memories, my fears, my ideas of what you represent; without comparison and judgement.

To really see means that I strive towards really seeing myself clear; to see the beauty in my being, to get to know myself on a deep level so that love awakens.
When I see myself in a vulnerable way, without judging, my heart will be touched. And when everything about myself is ok, there will be no need whatsoever to judge anyone else.

My goal is to be able to see with a clear view.
I fail and when I fail there might be a conflict.
Sometimes there’s also a conflict because I protect my space and set boundaries for someone, but that conflict doesn’t affect me in the same way that the ones where I happen to judge myself in some way.

We all have a place inside where the view is clear. My goal is to ”clean the house”, my self and my baggage, in a way that I reach that place. On that spot, everything falls into place. When my seeing is clear, I’m free and I’m able to offer the gift of seeing. This is my goal, my longing. This is the core of what I aim for. That’s being connected to wisdom and love.

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