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The inner wisdom, the Essence.

Our feelings and needs are important ways to connect to ourselves and others.
Being connected to the needs makes us aware and able to provide ourselves with what we need to have a good life. But the needs have deeper roots.
There is something beyond the needs, or, the needs are signals from an even deeper voice inside. The Inner Wisdom, our most true self, the one we deepest are, is always there. It gives us an innate ability to know what we need, what is true, what to do, where to go and who to meet. It’s our most reliable guide.

This essence reacts if we listen to it or not.
We have this essence, or, we are this essence. It lives in us and is always relating to us; to the acting, decision making part of us.

It sends signals when we don’t listen. Our energy and creativity get blocked, the body and soul close down, the body gets tense, locked in, we become disconnected. It feels uncomfortable. We can get anguish or have panic attacks, we can get low and depressed. It can make us disoriented, confused and far away from who we really are.

When we judge ourselves, we have forgotten to listen for this voice. We’re disconnected. When we criticize ourselves, we do that instead of trusting and listening for this inner guidance.
This guidance is always there, trying to reach us through feelings and needs, through intuitive knowing, through ideas, people we meet, sensations etc.
It’s also always loving us unconditionally, wanting us to receive this love.

This essence…can we even describe it in words? This is just a poor attempt. How would you describe it? Please, tell me!


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