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Vulnerability with shame or vulnerability with self respect

Today, I think about the difference between showing vulnerability when judging oneself and doing it with self respect and loving acceptance.
The first one is not pleasant at all.
If I happen to judge myself for what I’m feeling/doing/not succeed with, the vulnerability will probably be accompanied by a sense of shame and who wants that? Better so to avoid showing up in that state.

But there is a way to be vulnerable that is connected to freedom, integrity, courage and strength. That is when I don’t judge myself but try to understand and say ok to what I feel/need/do/don’t. To courageously show myself might feel scary, unsafe, painful etc, but the feeling afterwards is pleasant. My space just got bigger. I do this action mostly for myself, so I’m not very dependent on how others react as long as I’m there for me, seeing my courage.

This affects how we relate to vulnerability.
If we do it out of shame, we don’t want it.
If we do it out of self respect, it will set us free.

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