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On Self Leadership and Being

The other night, I dreamt that my identity card was taken and so I need a new image to identify myself with. My idea of who I am. Who I have the right to be, because I already am and have always been.

This is what I hear when I listen to the horses in the pasture…

You must lead yourself.
To lead yourself, you must know who you are.
You must also know who you are related to the others.

This is a never ending explorative journey;
you are new every day.
In a new group, you are totally new
and in every group that you are in, you are new every time that is new.

You will never find out who you are, because it’s an ongoing and ever-changing process.

Yet you are always the same.
Beyond your experiences, filters, memories and concerns,
you are an open shell that embraces the whole.
Open, receptive and connected to your origin.
A shell with an open space inside.
The space might look empty, but it’s open and ready to be filled.
You can fill this space with light.
You must know that your wounds and hurtful experiences are not a part of you.
They are inside this void, but they are loose.

When you see yourself struggle,
when you are struggling,
you must know that it’s just something that you do.
It’s not who you are.
Whatever struggles you go through, whatever your journey looks like,
your being is a peace. Try to find that being.
It’s there, right in front of you. So close that you can’t see it.
It’s already intertwined with you, merged with you, so you need to go deep inside.

Your being doesn’t exist in time, it does only exist in the present moment.
If you want to get in touch with who you really are, you must stop and dwell in the present moment. There you can see things clearly, if only for a while.

You can see the content or you can see the open, receptive shell.
Your shell is not just a shell, it’s unique and eternally you.
It’s small as an atom and big as the universe.
You can focus yourself into a point or expand immensely,
in the present moment.
The content is ok, there’s no need to improve it.
The thing is to know that it’s loose and that your being is to be found beyond it.
Right in this moment.
Already perfect. Already loved. Always loving you.

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